Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fast cars go *whoosh*!

A post for the fellow car enthusiasts. I've had  my car since 2005, it's an '88 Ford Laser TX3. For those of you outside of Australia, you might know it as a Mazda 323/Familia GTX. It's basically the same car, built in the same factory with some cosmetic changes and the ECU tuned for Australian fuel. It has 1.6L injected twin cam turbo engine and a 4WD drivetrain (with centre diff lock!). Stock motor makes 100kw and i'm estimating (based on past dyno run and some later changes) my car is putting out 120kw, which i think decent for a 1150Kg car.

My car with stupid heavy wheels, oops :P

I always enjoy driving it, traction + power = fun. I've focused on keeping the braking, steering, suspension and engine in good running order. I plan on completing an advanced driver course with my wife, and taking it out on a track day.

The future plan: I'm a fan of light, agile cars. I can keep upgrading this car to get where i want.... or i can get my hands on a nice MX5. I won't be able to keep both cars and plan to replace the standard MX5 engine with the one from the TX3. I'll miss my 4WD, but there's a few reasons i want to do this. Easy conversion, the engines are actually very similar, parts are interchangeable and with the help of people who know more than me i should be able to install my more powerful TX3 motor without any expensive customisation. It's lighter which means faster cornering (on tarmac!), braking and acceleration. RWD means less drivetrain power loss. The TX3 should be able to provide heaps of goodies (brakes, big radiator, fuel pump).

Because it's the same motor i expect the PIT project wont really be affected. I might even get some bonuses like the crank angle sensor from the MX5 motor!

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