Monday, April 9, 2012

PIT project scope

The project started before the blog so there is a bit of a backlog. I'll be playing catchup for a bit!

Background: In order to properly understand the project scope, you'll first need to understand:
- how a car engine works
- the role of an engine ECU
I recommend reading and if you don't know much on this topic.

Scope: The replacement ECU will monitor sensor outputs from the car engine and control the engine components to ensure a smooth running motor while matching or surpassing the current fuel efficiency and power figures. Of course, I'll be happy if it runs at all.
- Cam angle
- Engine air flow
- Intake air temperature (depending on air flow sensor type used)
- Knock sensor
- Engine temperature
- Throttle position
- Oxygen sensor
- Ignition coils
- Fuel injectors

Project Phases:
1. Monitor the signals sent to and from the current ECU to gain an understanding of how it works.
2. Build the PIT system to run in-line as a sort of "man in the middle" configuration between the cam angle sensor and current ecu input. With this setup i can only set a static ignition timing offset. A dynamically set offset is ideal.
3. Finished system. Some sensors replaced with different types. Monitor all sensors and electronically control all possible components.

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