Saturday, July 6, 2013

Running the engine from my ECU

This will be more of an update than anything else. I've created the circuitry and wiring for a fully sequential fuel injection setup. Once I had the spark and injection system working I configured them to mimic the timing and pulse width of the original ecu at idle speed.

It does not measure air flow or air temp at all. Everything is completely static at this stage (injector pulse width, ignition advance), but it's enough to get the car started and run at idle....kinda. I had some success last night running for about 20 seconds before it stalls. By tweaking a few things I got it to idle for a little longer, but it's still not stable.

Pretty excited to get this far and discovered a few things to improve. 1. If the rpm increases rapidly, then an injector pulse or spark event can be skipped. 2. Cam sensor pulse does not exactly correspond to expected piston position. There is an adjustment, but there may be more to it that i'm missing.

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