Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bad news is good news!

With with the original ECU installed, the car runs terribly. That pinging problem that I had with the PIT ECU is still there. So the cause is almost certainly seperate from either ECU!! Yaaaaaay :D

Red injector wires bridged to allow original ECU to batch-fire as normal
I checked over everything I could think of to make sure the car ran properly. Even went so far as to check that the cam gears did not slip in the timing belt. (Thanks Maverick for your help!)

Either something is very broken or i just need to replace the spark plugs that i've repeatedly fouled up and cleaned.

Also thank you to my wife(my partner in science!) and Damo for helping me get my car back together while i've been sick. I'm so happy to have a registered, road legal MX5 again!

Very curious to see what effect new spark plugs have on the car.

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